15 years of Excellence

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How to Enroll ?

  • Please call / text or email  us in advance 760.632.4947  to schedule your  placement class.
  • Indicate your child age and experience.

  • We offer trial classes only for pre ballet students ages 3-4.

  • Drop in Class rate ( $25) will apply for students ages 5-and up.

  • Please pay in advance to attend evaluation class $25  HERE






Encinitas Ballet Academy presents an exceptional dance instruction for all ages , which greatly increase  the development of your child's coordination, technique, focus, dedication, rhythm, musicality, stretching and even improve acting as well as help them turn their creativity into productivity.

We recognize that a professional career is not the goal of all students; however, every student is offered instraction that meets the highest standarts of professional dance training. Maintaning the highest standarts in the teaching of "Russian Vaganova" ballet is the focus of Encinitas Ballet Academy.

Our exellent Faculty shares a common techinical backround and educational philosophy. They provide each student with a full and exiting dance education in a creative enviroment that emphasizes communication between students and teachers. Each student , upon audition , will have the incredible opportunity to participate in the Winter and Spring Productions.